Dating website eHarmony wants its users to know that animators deserve to be loved, too. They’ve compiled a list of 15 reasons to date an animator, including all the standards—animators are creative, excel at Pictionary, bring smiles to people’s faces—along with a few eyebrow-raisers (“An animation career is usually pretty kid-friendly. Your date will win over all the young ones in your life.”)

And if you thought that foreign subsidies were a bad thing because it forces animators to move constantly, not so according to the matchmakers at eHarmony. The lack of stability in your career could actually be a turn-on for a potential romantic partner: “An animator’s career is always evolving and will likely involve him/her working at different studios in various cities, pursuing freelance projects and finding opportunities to challenge his/her art. If you don’t mind the unknowns that come with an artistic career, dating an animator can be quite the adventure.”

(h/t, Ward Jenkins, photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

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