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The unexpected shutdown of PDI/DreamWorks will claim hundreds of victims, among them, a private PDI employees’ hangout called the Pirate Bar. The former employees of the studio are using Craigslist to try and find a good home for it.

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“We were basically given a cubicle near a window, and we filled it with Pirate paraphernalia (with updated booze),” says a listing posted yesterday on the classified ads website. “We have a couch, barrel, curtains, chest, and bottles to add to the effect. The bar and flooring are custom made. I can transport this to your house/work for an added fee of $300 (it’s a lot of stuff). The keg-orator doesn’t come with the package, but the owner would sell it for an extra $300. There’s a lot of personal charm to this.”

According to a tweet by Redwood City, California-based Visceral Games, their employees have already pitched in and saved this piece of drunk animation history:

Here’s some shots of the soon-to-be-dismantled bar:

pdi_piratebar_h pdi_piratebar_i pdi_piratebar_g pdi_piratebar_f pdi_piratebar_e pdi_piratebar_d pdi_piratebar_c pdi_piratebar_b pdi_piratebar_a

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