How to Draw “Fleischer”

Comic art collector Eric Sack is an old friend who has perhaps the finest collection of original underground comix art in the United States – and he has recently post most of it online.

Of specific interest to Cartoon Brew readers is Sack’s original art to what I consider a Holy Grail item: a mid-30s illustrated book by two ace Fleischer Studio animators, Tom Johnson and Bern E. Wolf (aka Bernie Wolf): CARTOONS: How To Draw ‘Em and Make ’em Move. The art is chockfull of examples of how to make funny drawings, Fleischer style. Was this thing ever published?

But that’s NOT all! Sack has accumulated all kinds of stuff on the periphery of 30s animation. Check out the material listed erroneously under Terrytoons, featuring pinback button art for super-obscure characters like Van Beuren’s Waffles and Al, and Boyd La Vero’s Marty Monk! Also click on this background from Lantz and art created by my buddy Leslie Cabarga. Great stuff all – Thanks, Eric!

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