Imagine my surprise when I spotted this (photo above) on the marquee of the El Capitan Theatre today. Perhaps it was well known in Disney fan circles, but I hadn’t heard anything about a theatrical release of the 3D version of Beauty and The Beast until I walked by the theatre this morning. I saw no TV or newspaper advertising about it (and I still read newspapers).

It’s playing for two weeks at the El Cap, four times each day 10:45am‎, ‎2:00‎, ‎4:45,‎ 7:30pm ‎and since I do not own a 3D Hi-Def TV, I definitely plan to check out the “meticulously dimensionalized” version on the big screen this weekend. A 3D version of The Lion King opens at the El Cap (and nationwide) on September 16th. Both films will be on sale in 3D Blu-Ray editions on October 4th.

Jerry Beck