The average child or adult animation fan with an untrained eye might look at the animated feature Foodfight! and think to themself, “That’s not the greatest animated film I’ve ever seen in my entire life.” That’s precisely why the average child or adult animation fan with an untrained eye doesn’t work in a movie studio.

A Hollywood executive looks at Foodfight! and see its unfettered brilliance as a postmodern statement on consumerism and commodity culture. Foodfight! is auteur filmmaking at its finest, says the enlightened movie executive, and he knows immediately that he can do but one thing: commission more brand-based projects like Foodfight!

Today, Universal Studios Home Entertainment’s Universal 1440 division announced that they’ve signed a first-look agreement with Foodfight! producer Threshold Animation Studios to create more direct-to-video CGI films “based on highly celebrated family brands.”

“Threshold has a proven track record in delivering quality productions that excel both in storytelling and in animation,” said Glenn Ross, executive vice-president and general manager of Universal 1440 Entertainment. “We look forward to further building upon our existing relationship and effectively launching exciting, new home entertainment properties and franchises.”

“I’m thrilled to formalize the great home entertainment relationship we’ve enjoyed with Universal these past few years,” said Foodfight! director and Threshold ceo Larry Kasanoff. “I think their home entertainment distribution and marketing prowess, the great brands we are lining up and our animation will make for some terrific films.”

Threshold has produced other DVD-exclusive projects for Universal Studios Home Entertainment in the past: Bionicle, the Legend Reborn, and a feature-length Lego film, LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

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