A Very Special episode of “Cartoon Dump”

Will Compost Brite reject Moodsy The Clinically Depressed Owl for her new love, Mighty Mister Titan? This coming Monday, Cartoon Dump is back with a “very special” season-finale cliffhanger episode!

Joining us in this month are guest comedians Susan Burke, Emily Maya Mills and Lizzy Cooperman; plus the ukulele stylings of Thessaly Lerner, The Ukalady! And of course, the crappiest cartoons in the history of crappy cartoons!

Showtime is 8pm Monday night, September 24th, at the Steve Allen Theatre in Hollywood California (4773 Hollywood Blvd; two blocks west of Vermont), and tickets can be purchased at the door or online here. Join our FaceBook Event page for more information and updates. Be there!

(Artwork at top of this post by Thom Foolery)