Going to Ottawa… Going to Ottawa…

Going to Ottawa…

I’m en route to Canada right now to attend the 2011 Ottawa International Animation Festival, which starts tomorrow. (Above image was part of their 2009 ad campaign, which I thought was worth repeating).

New features being shown include Spain’s Chico and Rita, the Estonian Taevalaul (Sky Song), Keiichi Hara’s anime Colorful and Phil Mulloy’s Dead But Not Buried.

The programs and retrospectives look to be some of the finest ever assembled: Panels devoted to the Supinfocom Animation School, special guests Pen Ward and Thurop Van Orman, John Canemaker on Joe Grant and Joe Ranft, a spotlight on Aaron Augenblick, numerous competition screenings, not to mention my very own Cartoon Fight Club, a selection of the most violent Hollywood cartoons ever made. Too much for me to list here. Too much for me to see.

I’m not sure where I’ll be and when, but Friday morning I’ll be hanging out in the Arts Court Studio at 10:30am, available to sign books or just chat. Check the festival website for all the programming details. If you can make it to Ottawa this weekend, please do. It should be a blast!