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L.A’s The Cinefamily is hosting a three-day celebration of classic Warner Bros. cartoons (co-presented by The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity) on Presidents Day weekend (February 16-18).

The festivities begin on Saturday afternoon (2/16) with a panel discussion on the work of Chuck Jones (speakers to be announced – but I’m moderating), a big screen 35mm showing of the 1973 TV special A Cricket In Times Square, and the following classic Chuck Jones-directed Looney Tunes shorts in 35mm: What’s Opera, Doc?, One Froggy Evening, Duck Amuck, From A to ZZZZ, Bully for Bugs, Duck Dodgers in the 24th 1/2 Century, Feed The Kitty, Rabbit Seasoning.

Sunday afternoon (2/17), a double feature of collaborations between Chuck Jones and author Norton Juster: the 1970 feature film The Phantom Tollbooth and the 1965 Academy Award winning MGM short The Dot And The Line: A Romance In Lower Mathematics.

Monday (2/18) we go insane. A six-hour Looney Tunes marathon – all on film, mostly 35mm, many in Technicolor… all my favorite Looney Tunes shorts – and more: rarities, odds n’ ends and ephemera. I’m not mentioning titles in advance (you gotta trust me on this), but I promise: no 1960s DePatie-Frelengs. Rare behind the scenes footage, oddball material including (at some point during the marathon) bridging sequences from The Bugs Bunny Show (1960) and Tang commercials. Good stuff. Prizes for those who spend the entire six hours with us. NOTE: This event kicks off with a potluck lunch; things like bags of chips and drinks are not encouraged — please bring a dish. Impress us!

MONDAY February 18th

Click Here and scroll down for more details. See you there!

Jerry Beck

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