Richard Williams is coming to New York City to present the New York premiere of The Thief and the Cobbler: A Moment in Time at the Museum of Modern Art.

A Moment in Time is the name given to the work print of Williams’ Thief and the Cobbler as it existed on May 13, 1992, the last day that Williams was personally involved in the film’s production, which he had worked on since 1964. At that point, the film’s financiers took over and brought in a new team to finish the film, which was ultimately released as the jumbled-up Arabian Knight.

The work print, restored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, first premiered in December 2013 in Los Angeles, and has since screened in cities like London and Annecy. The MoMA run will take place from September 22-27.

On Saturday, September 24, Williams will be present for a discussion hosted by animation historian and filmmaker John Canemaker. The program will include a selection of clips and shorts from Williams’ career, including his most recent film, the Oscar-nominated Prologue.

Tickets for Richard Williams’ MoMA appearance go on sale on September 10. Tickets for the other screening dates go on sale at different times. For more info, visit the MoMA web site.

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