“Valentoons” at the Cinefamily “Valentoons” at the Cinefamily

“Valentoons” at the Cinefamily

To kick off a new year of animation programs at the Cinefamily/Silent Movie Theater in Hollywood, this Thursday (2/9) we will celebrate with our traditional Valentines Day program – aka Valentoons – an assortment of classic Hollywood cartoons based on the theme of love. From the sex-starved Pepe LePew to the appropriately named Woody Woodpecker (and yes, Herman and Katnip). This year our program features all 35mm Technicolor film prints, projected the way they are supposed to be seen on the big screen. Suitable for cartoon-lovers of all ages, for more information or advance tickets, please click the CineFamily website.

EXTRA BONUS: It’s my birthday on Thursday, so we’ll start the show (at 8pm) with one of my favorite “party” themed cartoons and a free slice of cake to everyone in attendence!