It can be difficult to carve out time for personal projects if you already animate in your dayjob, but Titmouse animator and storyboard revisionist James Sugrue found a novel solution.

Starting January 1st of last year, he pledged to make one drawing a day for the entire year of 2017. On December 31st, he ended up with 365 drawings, which at 24 drawings per second, amounts to a little more than 15 seconds of animated film.

The results can be seen below:

Sugrue’s 365-day animation challenge is solid inspiration for any creative person, reinforcing the value of dedicating daily effort, no matter how small, toward accomplishing larger goals.

Best of luck to all of our readers in 2018 – we’re rooting for you to accomplish all of your creative goals (and we hope you’ll share the results with us)!

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Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.