Augenblick Studios, the Brooklyn, New York-based producer of TV series such as Superjail, Ugly Americans, and Wonder Showzen, has begun production on its first feature film, an R-rated comedy called The Adventures of Drunky.

augenblickstudios_logoStudio founder Aaron Augenblick will direct the independently produced feature based on his original concept. Aaron Bergeron wrote the screenplay. (Augenblick made a short in 2001 called Drunky, but the new character in this feature is unrelated to the earlier short.)

The Adventures of Drunky” is everything I love about cartoons,” said Augenblick in a written statement. “It’s hand drawn, surreal, and funny as hell.”

The film’s main character, Drunky (voiced by Sam Rockwell), is a barfly who finds himself in the middle of a cosmic bet between God (Jeffrey Tambor) and the Devil (Steve Coogan) over the fate of the Earth. Per the film’s official description: “With his life destroyed, Drunky must travel through Heaven and Hell to rescue the girl he loves (Nina Arianda) and save the world. Assisting Drunky on his quest are an alley cat (Tyler The Creator) and a demon (Dave Attell).”

The supporting cast also includes Abby Elliot, John Leguizamo, Jon Glaser, Jay Pharoah, Noel Wells, James Adomian, Larry Murphy, Rachel Butera, and Randy Pearlstein. Voice records wrapped earlier this month.

Lisa Thomas and Kris Wollinger of Augenblick Studios will produce the film in Brooklyn, along with James Belfer and Daniel Shepard of the fledgling animation shop Cartuna. Peter Lengyel and Adam Belfer will executive produce.

In recent years, there has been a minor trend of TV animation studios producing indie adult features. The most distinguished film in this space is the current Oscar nominee, Anomalisa, which was produced by Starburns Industries. Titmouse announced its first feature film project, Nerdland, last fall.

Below is the first publicity image released from The Adventures of Drunky. Click to enlarge: