British Minion drawn by Mary Manchin.
British Minion created by Mary Manchin.

In 2013, filmgoers in the United Kingdom and Ireland watched more animation than any other type of film, according to a new report by the British Film Institute. Despite comprising just 4.7% of the film releases in that region, animation accounted for 21.4% of the 2013 box office gross.

The UK released 33 animated films last year, grossing a total of £246.6 million ($414.9 million). The top-earning fully-animated film in the UK was Despicable Me 2, followed by Frozen, Monsters University, The Croods, and Wreck-It Ralph (which had a 2013 release in the territory).

The other top categories were action (18.7%), comedy (13.7%), sci-fi (7.6%), drama (5.2%) and fantasy (5.2%). The full chart is below, and the BFI’s entire 250-page report on 2013 films in the UK can be read on their website.


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