Cheatin’, the seventh animated feature by DIY indie animation heavyweight Bill Plympton, will begin its long-awaited US theatrical run this week. The adults-only sexual psychodrama tells the story of a newlywed wife who resorts to playing mistress to her cheating husband.

New York’s Village East Cinemas will be hosting the film April 3–9, with Plympton present at the following opening weekend sessions for post-screening Q&As:

Fri April 3: 7:20pm, 9:45pm
Sat April 4: 4:50pm, 7:20pm, 9:45pm
Sun April 5: 4:50pm, 7:20pm

Screenings will take place in U.S. cities throughout April and May. A list of screening dates can be found on the Plympton’s blog.

Plympton explained on his blog that he is using a new distribution model for this film after distributors rejected the film. “Most of them believe there is no audience for an animated feature that’s hand-drawn and made for adults,” he wrote.”That’s why I’m relying on YOU, my faithful fans, to show up and show them that they’re wrong.”

In addition to self-booking the film into theaters for the theatrical run, Plympton will also make Cheatin’ available on Vimeo on Demand later this month.


Darryn King