The Triplets of Belleville The Triplets of Belleville

Get ready to see spindly cyclists and obese pooches in glorious hi def: Sylvain Chomet’s The Triplets of Belleville has been remastered in 4k.

The news was announced by Paris-based producer-distributor Prime Entertainment Group, which cited “growing demand for animated programs and specifically” this feature. Prime has struck distribution deals for the remaster with France, the U.K., Germany, Japan, and Taiwan, but not yet with North America.

The 2d film, a European co-production, follows an old lady as she sets out to rescue her cyclist grandson from the mafia’s clutches. It tells its story with little dialogue and lashings of outlandish slapstick humor. Released in 2003 to critical acclaim, it was nominated for Oscars for best original song and best animated feature, losing in the latter category to Pixar’s Finding Nemo.

Alexandra Marguerite, Prime’s head of sales, said in a statement: “We are truly glad to be able to offer this exceptional film to our international clients of various profiles: movie channels, entertainment channels, sport channels, theatrical or educational partners. Today we are happy to provide it in 4k and believe that the exciting adventure of The Triplets of Belleville will continue to spread across the globe.”

Prime’s animation catalogue includes a range of European kids’ series, Chomet’s short film The Old Lady and the Pigeons, and the 66-minute political drama A Man Is Dead. Its sister company Les Armateurs co-produced The Triplets of Belleville.