Pez dispensers. (Photo: Tyler)
Pez dispensers. (Photo: Tyler)

What hath The LEGO Movie wrought.

In the post-LEGO Movie stampede to turn plastic waste into animated entertainment, Envision Media Arts has partnered with Pez Candy to create an animated feature based on its candy — and presumably the spring-loaded flip-top toys through which the candies are dispensed.

“We’ve created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many,” said EMA CEO and founder Lee Nelson. EMA, an indie film production company based in Los Angeles, has no track record of producing animated features. The script will be written by Cameron Fay, whose first feature film writing credit will be on Paramount’s upcoming Brother in Laws, followed by a Three Stooges feature.

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Of course, optioning a brand and writing a script is very different from raising the tens of millions necessary to produce an animated feature. In other words, this project still has a long way to go yet. Here’s the trailer for the last animated feature made about packaged food items:

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