The Last Fiction and SHe The Last Fiction and SHe

Between GKIDS and Netflix, it may seem that most foreign animated features are getting releases nowadays, but that’s hardly the case. There are plenty of fine animated films that still lack distribution in the States. That’s where the new LAAF label comes in.

LAAF is the newly launched distribution label of the Los Angeles Animation Festival, and to start, they’re releasing two recent features that exhibit sharp curatorial tastes: The Last Fiction from Iran and SHe from China.

The Last Fiction is a 2d historical action-adventure based on a chapter of the Shahnameh, Iran’s millennium-old national epic. Directed by Ashkan Rahgozar, it tells the story of Kaveh, a blacksmith who leads a revolt to destroy the devil that has appeared in a prince’s soul. Targeted at teens and adults, The Last Fiction recently became the first film from Iran to qualify for the Best Animated Feature category of the Oscars.

Shengwei Zhou’s stop motion SHe shows that China doesn’t just make mainstream commercial features, but can also do experimental art house animation. Starring anthropomorphized shoes and household objects, SHe follows a high heel shoe that turns herself into a man’s shoe in order to work and feed her daughter in an authoritarian world. SHe — the capitalized ‘H’ in the title is intentional — is dialogueless and features a wall-to-wall music score by Sihan Yuan.

The LAAF label was created in partnership with L.A.-based Filmfest Distribution, which is making the films available both digitally and on dvd/Blu-ray.

Amazon Prime currently offers for purchase both The Last Fiction and SHe. Other platforms like Slingbox, Redbox, Directv, Roku, Vudu, iTunes, Dish, and Fandango Now also offer the films.

The Last Fiction will be available on dvd on November 17, followed by an extras-packed special edition Blu-ray release in 2021. SHe will also have a special edition Blu-ray release next year.