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MouMoush – The King Of Plastic MouMoush – The King Of Plastic

Cartoon Movie kicks off in Bordeaux, France, next week, and we have an exclusive sneak peek at MouMoush – The King of Plastic, one of the projects set to pitch at this key event for new European animated features.

MouMoush is the story of siblings Margo and Liam, who get swept up in a time-twisting adventure when a visit to their uncle goes off the rails. The two, and their Uncle’s talking cat, end up facing off against MouMoush, a man of limitless power and wealth who dreams of world domination.

MouMoush is written and directed by Milorad Krstić and produced by Hungary’s Mumus Production. Krstić is best known for writing and directing the 2019 Annie-nominated feature Ruben Brandt, Collector.

The project is aimed at kids and family audiences, but promises enough depth and action to keep everyone entertained. It will touch on a variety of themes including contemporary science, the dangers that come from misplaced selfish ambition, and the long-term impact of plastic pollution.

Describing their approach to the film, the team at Mumus Production explained:

Instead of adopting the usual ecological perspective, the film presents a unique imaginary world with fairytale-like visual techniques and adventures. A world in which Evil (MouMoush) wants to take hold of the universe, while the good triumph and save it. Joining forces with the adults, the bright and sensitive siblings succeed in saving the values of human culture from the fame-obsessed businessman MouMoush and from the scientist Dr. Sinistrad, who uses science as a means to enact their evil plans.

The MouMoush team will be in Bordeaux with a full script, having already secured half of the film’s budget. Representatives from the project will be looking to woo production partners, a sales agent, and global distributors.

Producer Radmila Roczkov tells Cartoon Brew:

We want to share our story with a large public as well. We believe that this movie can be one of the works that mark an era and shape Generation Alpha – born after 2010 – who, while being digitally and technologically immersed, are bound to be even more globally and environmentally conscious than their parents.

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