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Faith-based content is doing big business at the box office, and the company behind the classic animated IP VeggieTales is planning to bring one of its most popular characters to the theaters in a new LarryBoy film.

The untitled film is scheduled to be released in 2026 and will mark the first time that LarryBoy is adapted to the big screen. Plot details are under wraps, but the film is being produced by NBCUniversal-owned Big Idea Content Group, producer of the original VeggieTales films, and Kingstone Studios.

No director has been announced for the film, but its development is led by producer Dan Merrell (MKM Development). In a release, he explained:

I’m honored to partner with Big Idea and Kingstone Studios on a new film because I’ve loved LarryBoy for decades. I believe both the existing fan base and new audiences are primed for a new VeggieTales feature, one that not only reveres its classic past but also promises some thrilling new surprises.

Big Idea has had tremendous success putting VeggieTales films in theaters. In 2002, the company released its first theatrical feature, Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, which grossed $25.6 million globally. In 2008, the company followed it up with The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything, which made another $13.2 million.

But the franchise’s greatest successes have come in home video, music, and merchandise. According to Big Idea, over the past three decades, VeggieTales has sold 60+ million videos, 13 million books, and more than 7 million CDs and grossed more than $1.7 billion in retail sales.

Kingstone Studios CEO Art Ayris said of the LarryBoy film:

VeggieTales is the absolute gold standard for faith-based children’s animation. We couldn’t imagine a better brand in providing a big screen treatment for kids than to bring LarryBoy and the cast of memorable VeggieTales characters back into theaters.

Big Idea senior VP Leslie Ferrell added:

LarryBoy is a fan favorite – who doesn’t love a superhero that has plungers on the side of his head?! The fans are always asking to see more of him. With LarryBoy in the lead role, we know we can deliver an entertaining movie for the whole family.

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