Animal Crackers is that rare bird: a mid-budget indie cg feature that originates out of the United States. The full trailer for the film debuted online this week:

Directed by Tony Bancroft (Mulan) and Scott Christian Sava, Animal Crackers is based on a graphic novel by Sava, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Dean Lorey. The high-concept idea tells the story of a family that inherits a circus which comes with a box of magical animal crackers. Whoever eats one of the crackers will be transformed into the animal they’re eating.

Sava produced the film through his Nashville, Tennessee-based Blue Dream Studios, but the actual production was handled in Spain at a new subsidiary, Blue Dream Studios Spain, operated by Jaime Maestro and Nathalie Martínez. Other producers on the film include Storyoscopic Films, Beijing Wenhua Dongrun Investment Co., and China Film Group.

Voice cast includes Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Sylvester Stallone, Sir Ian McKellen, and Danny DeVito.

Animal Crackers debuted in competition last month at Annecy. The film was originally slated for U.S. release last April, but the distribution deal fell through. A new distributor and release date is expected to be announced soon.