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Paramount’s Under the Boardwalk hits U.S. theaters this weekend, and the company has just released the first trailer for the movie. Following a limited theatrical run, it will be available for purchase on PVOD digital platforms (Amazon, Apple, Vudu, etc.) starting November 7.

Under the Boardwalk’s animation is well crafted, if a bit familiar, and it’s directed by David Soren, who proved that he knows how to make box office friendly films with titles such as Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie and Turbo. It was a surprise when Paramount’s CEO Brian Robbins said earlier this year that Under the Boardwalk would go straight to streaming on Paramount+. “We’re not going to release an expensive original animated movie and just pray people will come,” he explained.

It’s good to see that the distributor had a change of heart, and that Under the Boardwalk will get a run in theaters, even if it’s a small one. Paramount has not confirmed the number of theaters in which the film will screen this weekend.

Film details:

  • Under the Boardwalk was announced in 2019 under the title Jersey Crabs and billed as a Grease-like musical on the Jersey Shore starring crabs. A July 22, 2022 release date was later announced and passed by.
  • Soren directs the film from a script he co-wrote with Lorene Scafaria. While official credits for the film have yet to be made public, it is known that DNEG Animation (Nimona, Entergalactic) provided the animation production. Troy Saliba was the animation director at DNEG.
  • Paramount’s synopsis for the film reads: “When timid Jersey crab Armen meets bold tourist sea crab Ramona, it causes shell-shocking tension in the community. But when the duo are swept away by a storm, they embark on an epic journey to find home. Their courage unites their families, paving the way for great summers to come, Under the Boardwalk.”
  •  Keke Palmer, Michael Cera, and Bobby Cannavale lead the film’s voice cast. Russell Brand, who was recently accused of sexual assault in the U.K. by multiple people, was originally a headlined cast member in an older trailer accidentally leaked by Paramount New Zealand’s Youtube channel. His name doesn’t appear in the new trailer; it’s unknown if he’s still part of the finished film.

Jamie Lang

Jamie Lang is the Editor-in-Chief of Cartoon Brew.

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