Annecy Shorts 2023 Annecy Shorts 2023

Annecy, the world’s longest-running animation festival, has unveiled the 71 short films that will screen in its official sections at this year’s festival, which runs June 11-17.

Annecy received over 3,200 submissions from approximately 100 countries and territories this year. Producers from 41 different countries are represented amount the 71 shorts picked to compete this year. Notably, for the first time in Annecy’s history, more than half of the films are directed or co-directed by women filmmakers, a number the festival says has increased year-on-year since 2018. Twelve of this year’s picks are debuts.

Annecy’s short film official selection is broken down into four categories. There are 37 titles in the official shorts section, seven in off-limits, 19 in perspectives, and eight in young audience.

Of the directors participating this year, two have already won the Cristal for a short film, Nienke Deutz with Bloomstreet 11 in 2018 and Franck Dion with The Head Vanishes in 2016. Three have won the Cristal for a Graduation Film, Tom C.J. Brown with T.O.M. in 2007, Jenny Jokela with Barbeque in 2018, and Daria Kashcheeva with Dcera in 2019.

Annecy art director Marcel Jean said of this year’s lineup: “The Annecy 2023 short film selection stands out due to the many films dealing with female issues, especially those related to motherhood. This is a selection of films with immense storytelling ambitions and with a greater emphasis on humor than we have seen in recent years.”

The festival will reveal its graduation films, tv films, and commissioned films lineups later this month, and its feature film selection at the end of April.

Annecy 2023 Short Films in the Official Selection

Official Short Films

  • 11, Vuk Jevremovic (Croatia, Germany)
  • 27, Flóra Anna Buda (Hungary, France)
  • Astoria, Franck Dion (France)
  • Box Cutters, Naomi Classien Van Niekerk (South Africa, Netherlands, France)
  • Carne de Dios, Patricio Gabriel Plaza (Argentina, Mexico)
  • Catisfaction, André Almeida (Portugal)
  • Ce qui bouge est vivant, Noémie Marsily (Belgium)
  • Christopher at Sea, Tom C.J. Brown (U.S., France, U.K.)
  • Daug Geresnis, Skirmanta Jakaite (Luthuania)
  • Drijf, Levi Stoops (Belgium)
  • D’une peinture à l’autre, Georges Schwizgebel
  • Eeva, Morten Tsinakov, Lucija Mrzljak (Croatia, Estonia)
  • Electra, Daria Kashcheeva (Czech Republic, France, Slovakia)
  • Grandma, I Miss You, Maoning Lui (China)
  • Haljina za finale, Martina Mestrovic
  • Humo, Rita Basulto (Mexico)
  • I’m Hip, John Musker (U.S.)
  • Intersextion, Richard R. Reeves (Canada)
  • Koerkorter, Priit Tender (Estonia)
  • La Grande Arche, Camille Authouart (France)
  • La perra, Carla Melo Gampert (Colombia, France)
  • La Saison pourpre, Clémence Bouchereau (France)
  • Last Order, Hangjin Jo (South Korea)
  • L’Ombre des papillons, Sofia el Khyari (France, Portugal, Qatar)
  • Love Me True, Inés Sedan (France)
  • Eduardo.Sophie, Thomas Corriveau (Canada)
  • Maurice’s Bar, Tom Prezman, Tzor Edery (France)
  • Nun or Never, Heta Jäälinoja (Finland)
  • Our Uniform, Yegane Moghaddam (Iran)
  • Regular Rabbit, Eoin Duffy (Ireland)
  • Salvation Has No Name, Joseph Wallace (U.K., France, Czech Republic)
  • Sweet Like Lemons, Jenny Jokela (Finland, U.K.)
  • Telsche, Sophie Colfer, Ala Nunu (Poland)
  • The Miracle, Nienke Deutz (Belgium, France, Netherlands)
  • The Smile, Erik Van Schaaik (Netherlands, Belgium)
  • Tongue, Kaho Yoshida (Canada, Japan)
  • World to Roam, Stephen Irwin (U.K.)

Off-Limits Short Films

  • Algodreams, Vladimir Todorovic (Australia)
  • Cave Painting, Siegfried A. Fruhauf (Austria)
  • Das feine Zirpen einer Dunkelziffer, Vera Sebert (Austria)
  • I Can’t Go on Like This, Aria Covamonas (Mexico)
  • Is Heaven Blue? #2, Menno De Nooijer, Paul De Nooijer (Norway, Netherlands)
  • Motus, Nelson Fernandes (Portugal)
  • The Transient, Twins Pink (Finland)

Perspectives Short Films

  • Bai, Ao Chen (China, U.K.)
  • Baigal Nuur – Lake Baikal, Alisi Telengut (Germany, Canada)
  • Depersonalization, Spartak Yordanov (Bulgaria)
  • Fashion Victims 2.0, Maria Lorenzo Hernández (Spain)
  • Hadis, Nazrin Aghamaliyeva (Azerbaijan, U.S., Czech Republic)
  • Island, Michael Faust (Israel)
  • K8, Miguel Anaya (Mexico)
  • Kaadina Jeevantike Nandini Rao, Nirupa Rao, Kalp Sanghvi (India)
  • Lost at Sea, Andrés Alejandro Bartos Amory, Lucija Tojevic (Spain)
  • Money and Happiness, Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr. (Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia)
  • Nurit, Tal Sohoni (Israel)
  • O cacto, Ricardo Kump (Brazil)
  • Saleeg, Afnan Bawyan (Saudi Arabia)
  • Shanghai Zhi Chun, Sun Xun (China)
  • Sjeti se kako sam jahala bijelog konja, Ivana Bosnjak Volda, Thomas Johnson Volda (Croatia)
  • The Crowd, Pelin Kirca (Turkey)
  • To You, Wafa Lazhari (Tunisia)
  • Trasiego, Amanda Woolrich (Mexico, Canada)
  • Where is the Key?, Indra Sproge (Latvia)

Young Audience Short Films

  • Colocation sauvage, Armelle Mercat-Junot (France)
  • Entre deux sœurs, Corentin Céard, Anne-Siphie Gousset (France)
  • Harvey, Janice Nadeau (Canada, France)
  • Paperplanes, Arvind Singh Jeena (India)
  • Pete, Bret Parker (U.S.)
  • Prinzessin Aubergine, Dina Velikovskaya (Germany)
  • The Goose, Jan Míka (France, Czech Republic)
  • Wat zit er in die kist?, Bram Algoed (Belgium)

Pictured at top: Salvation Has No Name, Eeva, World to Roam, Koerkorter


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