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Organized by non-profit group Denver Digerati, the seventh edition of Supernova, entitled 7th Dimension, will showcase digital animation and motion art across multiple Denver theaters and public locations from September 1–30, 2022.

A key part of the event is the nightly projection mapping on the facade of the Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower in downtown Denver. Eleven commissioned looping animation pieces screen each evening. Featured artists are Gregory Bennett, Sandrine Deumier, Dante Zaballa, Rew, John Butler, Mayta Gómez Molina, Dalena Tran, Julio E. Berroa, Yaloo (also subject of Supernova’s solo artist spotlight), Beatie Wolfe (also festival guest curator and performer), and Esteban Azuela.

Beatie Wolf, described by Vice as a “musical weirdo and visionary,” will curate six visual artists for Supernova’s street-based “Silent Screen” event under the theme “Activating Environmental Awareness.” Wolf says the topic “asks each of us what we can do in this age of climate crisis where vital planet-saving messages are getting lost in the noise and onslaught of daily news, social media, [and] notifications that the digital era has created.”  On September 17th between noon and 8pm, selected artists will display a work created for one of six large LED screens in a six-block area of downtown Denver. The final list of artists will be announced soon.

Following “Silent Screen” on Saturday, September 17, an immersive indoor multi-space event, “Enter the 7th Dimension,” will be held at the Buell Theatre in the Arts Complex, featuring live performances from Beatie Wolfe, Greg Deal, Vid Kidz, and Soul Tangler.

In addition to the outdoor festivities and one-off events, Supernova will present over 200 short digital works. The shorts have been organized into twelve programs – five competition screenings and seven out-of-competition – available online in three-day increments throughout September. Five thousand dollars in total prizes will be awarded to artists across the competition categories. For more information on how to watch the screenings online, go here.

Alongside the short films in competition Supernova will host the U.S. debut of independent cg filmmaker Xi Chen’s Annecy and Ottawa-selected feature film Chicken of the Mound:

The 7th Dimension “Supernova Focal Competition” jurors are artists John Butler (Ireland), Yaloo (South Korea), and Frank Wang Yefeng (China). The “Director’s Choice” category and award will be determined by Denver Digerati executive director Sharifa Moore and founder Ivar Zeile.

Supernova’s live projects are free to the public, with advance registration taken through Eventbrite for events at the Buell Theatre and Sie Film Center, directly through Dairy Arts, or through the event’s website. Online screenings are free to Denver Digerati members.

Pictured at top: “Chicken of the Mound”

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