New Animation Blogs

A couple new blogs which I’ll be visiting frequently:

Will Finn

Director/animator/writer Will Finn has started a personal blog. In his introductory post, Will says he hopes to “post thoughts, anecdotes, original sketches and share art and other influences that inspired me to seek a career as a cartoonist in the first place.” So far his blog has convinced me that I really need to see the TV play The Comedian starring Mickey Rooney.

(Thanks to Blackwing Diaries for the tip)

The Cat Piano

And here’s the production blog for The Cat Piano, an upcoming hand-drawn animated short blending beat poetry, film noir flavor, bold production design and lots and lots of cats. The film is being directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson out of one of Australia’s more promising young animation studios, The People’s Republic Of Animation. Stay tuned to CartoonBrewFilms where another of the PRA’s shorts, Carnivore Reflux (2006), directed by Eddie White and James Calvert, will debut shortly.