Brooklyn-based animation producer Cartuna is launching two new animated series on Facebook’s video platform Facebook Watch.

The first of those series is Human Kind Of created by Diana McCorry (producer and writer of Cartuna’s earlier series Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time) with art direction and animation by Joy Buran and Noelle Melody. It launched yesterday with the first three episodes of its 21-episode season. Three new episodes will premiere each Sunday thereafter, leading up to the season finale on Sunday, October 28.

The second series, Liverspots and Astronots, created by Robert Bohn and Nate Milton, will debut on Thursday, October 18. The creators and other creative team from both series will participate in a panel at New York Comic-Con on October 4 starting at 5:30p in Room 1A10 at the Javits Center.

Trailers and descriptions of both shows are below:

Human Kind Of

Created, written, and animated by women, Human Kind Of is an off-kilter comedy about a half-alien teenager struggling with the extraterrestrial world of high school. Featuring the voice talents of Michelle Trachtenberg, Kate Berlant, Jill Talley, Zak Orth, John Early, and Betsy Sodaro.

Synopsis: When Judy Reilly, a nerdy teenager, finds out her estranged father was an extraterrestrial, surviving a half-alien adolescence seems pretty hopeless. But with the help of a dangerously upbeat mother and a comic book obsessed best friend, Judy is able to uncover her powers, stand up to bullies, and inevitably discover what makes her both alien and human along the way.

Liverspots and Astronots

A ten-year passion project in the making, Liverspots and Astronots is a buddy comedy about a nursing home in space, filled with funky old folks who discover they are integral to the survival of the universe. Creators Robert Bohn and Nate Milton took years of late-night ideas and bar napkin sketches and got to work self-producing the comedy they had envisioned since their days at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Featuring the voice talents of Colin Mochrie, Keith David, Nicole Sullivan, Maria Bamford, John Waters, Pauly Shore, Selma Blair, Dick Cavett, and Hearty White. The first three episodes will premiere on Thursday, October 18, followed by three episodes premiering each Thursday thereafter with the season finale on Thursday, November 29.

Synopsis: No one seems to know why Dusty Craters, a dilapidated nursing home, is floating through space carrying a colorful assortment of grumpy old folks under the care of an evil goat doctor. But then again nothing seems to make sense in a world where a talking two-dollar bill lives in a Cracker Jack box and a three-eyed ape just might be the center of the universe. Best friends Roosi and Big Man uncover these mysteries and more as they go on one epic adventure after another.