EXCLUSIVE: Titmouse, the animation studio that makes Venture Bros., Big Mouth, Superjail!, and Black Dynamite, is launching an online animation talk show, studio co-founder and owner Chris Prynoski revealed tonight during a tribute at the Los Angeles Animation Festival.

The series is called Tongue and Pencil, and new episodes between 40-60 minutes will be available every Monday exclusively on the show’s Youtube channel. Filmed over the course of three years, Prynoski invited artist friends into his studio to pick up a pencil, drink, and talk about drawing and stuff that has happened to them.

“With the Tongue and Pencil, we’ve finally elevated the art of drawing poop doodles and bullshitting with cartoonists in a brand new medium – the internet,” he says. “People who like animation, comics, and illustration that are willing to look past the fact that we broke the 180-degree rule and recorded the conversations with sub-par audio should totally check out our new interview series. Each week, you’ll see original, never before released drawings from real artists, learn random facts and hear inside jokes about people you probably don’t know.”

There’s a charitable aspect to the series, too. Each episode will result in two pieces of original collaborative art created by Prynoski and the episode’s guest. Titmouse will auction off the artwork created during the series to raise funds for “The Titmouse Tongue and Pencil Grant for Young Artists Who Like To Draw Stuff,” a fund for emerging talent in animation, comics, and fine art. Artists who are interested in applying for the grant can email TongueAndPencil@titmouse.net for more information.

Twenty-four episodes of Tongue and Pencil have been recorded featuring an all-star group of names from throughout the industry, including Mind Game director Masaaki Yuasa, Adventure Time creator Pen Ward, Uncle Grandpa creator Pete Browngardt, and Song of the Sea director Tomm Moore.

The first episode, launching this weekend, will feature the late Jon Schnepp, a director on Metalocalypse and The Venture Bros., who passed away last July after complications from a stroke.

Other episodes launching early next week will feature Jorge Gutierrez and Kate Micucci. Here’s the impressive list of guests for the whole season:

  • Christy Karacas
  • Mike Carlo
  • Max Winston
  • Brendon Small
  • Travis Millard
  • JJ Villard
  • Masaaki Yuasa
  • Luke McGarry
  • Jeremy Polgar
  • Pete Browngardt
  • Lawrence Hubbard
  • Tomm Moore
  • Kate Micucci
  • Parker Simmons
  • Nasty Neckface
  • Jody Schaeffer
  • Devin Flynn
  • Jorge Gutierrez
  • Sean Solomon
  • Jamie Vickers
  • Pen Ward
  • Johnny Ryan
  • Kali Fontecchio
  • Jon Schnepp