We’re only in the third day of December and I think we’ve found a strong candidate for the best holiday-themed project of the season. Yule Log 2.0 riffs on the classic Yule Log TV program and re-imagines it for Internet audiences. (The original program first aired on the New York TV station WPIX in 1966.)

Yule Log 2.0 is a seamless stream of 53 different short films that evoke the essence of a burning yule log, created by 66 artists including illustrators, animators, directors and creative coders. The project reflects lots of current trends in animation—long-distance group collaboration, multi-disciplinary production, non-linear viewing experiences, animation loops and cycles—and serves as an up-to-date guidebook to popular contemporary visual styles. Yule Log 2.0 was conceived and curated by Daniel Savage and built by Wondersauce.

Alicia Reece
Andrew Stubbs Johnston
Benjamin Gray
Bianca Meier
Brian & Brad Hasse
Brett Renfer
Cesar Pelizer
Charlie Whitney
Chris Lohouse
Chris Kelly
Conrad McLeod
Colin Hesterly
David Kamp (Sound design)
Damien Correll
Daniel Leyva
Emory Allen
Erica Gorochow
Eric Epstein
Erik Karasyk
Frank Chimero
Greg Gunn
Hush Studios
James Curran
James Zanoni
Jeroen Krielaars
Jesse Benjamin
Jerry Liu
JK Keller
Joe Russ
Jordan Bruner
Josh Parker
Joshua Catalano
Joshua Goodrich
Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Julian Glander
Keetra Dean Dixon
Kyle Sauer
Laura Alejo
Lee Gingold
Leta Sobierajski
Lucas Redfern Brooking
Lucas Zanotto
Mathew Lucas
Matthias Hoegg
Matt Delbridge
Michael Fuchs
Nick Hum
Patrick Finn
Patrick Macomber
Paul Windle
Philip Sierzega
Robert Loebel
Ross Philips
Script & Seal
Seth Hulewat
Shane Griffin
Skip Hursh
Tricia Desjardins
Will Anderson
Yassir Rasan
Yussef Cole
Yvonne Romano

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