Super Deluxe, the mobile-driven digital content initiative by Turner Broadcasting, is premiering the six-part microseries Dark Day via livestreaming tonight.

Created by French animator Jonathan Djob Nkondo, Dark Day is described as a series that explores the themes of paranoia and the self. The shorts, each of which runs between 40 seconds to one minute, will stream live on Facebook, Youtube, and Tumblr beginning at 7pm PT/10pm ET.

Super Deluxe decided to create a live event around Djob Nkondo’s series to encourage more of its viewers to watch its continuous story from beginning to end. The shorts will be permanently available through Super Deluxe’s Youtube channel following the streaming event.

“As a creative mission, we’re focusing on trying to make stuff that has a little bit more substance and a little bit more of an emotional core that seems to be lacking in internet-only content,” Jeremy Sengly, Super Deluxe’s head of animation, told Cartoon Brew. “When I was starting to reach out to animators, Jonathan’s work really stuck out because of how experimental it is and how technically skilled and beautiful it is.”

Super Deluxe, which has commissioned unconventional projects from other accomplished animation filmmakers, like Max Winston, is keeping their approach fun and loose as they explore the possibilities of a mobile/social-first animation channel. Sengly explained that the idea is to develop a space for artists to express their ideas regardless of format. “We’re trying to experiment with a lot of different things because this whole digital publishing is pretty wide open right now,” he said. “We don’t have to be limited by anything. People can be making GIFs or whatever length project that they want.”