Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Emily Pelstring

Pelstring’s animation is akin to watching early 1980s television on a broken down portable tv set while ingesting a small dose of mescaline.


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Andreas Hykade

Hykade’s films combine a distinctive, minimalist design with often deeply personal stories about masculinity, religion, addiction, and love.

Intolerance by Phil Mulloy

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Phil Mulloy

Learn about British filmmaker Phil Mulloy whose bold, grotesque, and minimalist works explore the dark and savage side of human nature.

Nighthawk by Spela Cadez

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Špela Čadež

Špela Čadež’s visually distinct works deal with tricky themes like addiction and domestic violence with compassion, humor, and no judgement.


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Chintis Lundgren

Self-taught, Chintis Lundgren quickly made a mark in the animation world with her visually distinct and quirky works that place animal characters in frequently absurd, kinky, and distinctly human situations.