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Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Yoko Yuki

Yuki’s body of work work is a beautifully unhinged, mind-drenching, kaleidoscopic explosion of colors, figures, memories, and voices.


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Run Wrake

Run Wrake’s multi-layered works connect an onslaught of imagery from diverse media and loop them with a brilliant sense of rhythm.

Mynarski Death Plummet

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Matthew Rankin

Canadian filmmaker Matthew Rankin explores local, national, and international history with an eccentric and deadpan touch that is refreshingly and genuinely loving.

Mt. Head

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Kōji Yamamura

Yamamura’s films are a bit like chameleons. Each looks different from the previous one, yet there can be no doubt that the films are his.

Teat Beat of Sex

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Signe Baumane

Baumane’s work touches on sex, gender, relationships, and mental health with a fierce sense of humor and refreshing bluntness.