Tarte aux pommes

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Isabelle Favez

Favez’s short films and tv work feature an assortment of odd yet lovable and compassionate characters seeking social connections.


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Nikita Diakur

Diakur’s utterly original films have garnered acclaim for using software glitches and defects to tell sensitive stories about equally broken humans

La Traversée

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Elise Simard

Simard’s multi-layered works eschew straightforward narratives and explore overlapping sensations wide open to interpretation.

Zebra Julia Ocker

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Julia Ocker

Ocker cleverly explores themes of peer pressure, loneliness, ethics, fear, and anxiety, while celebrating the differences in each of us.

Barber Westchester

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Jonni Phillips

Phillip’s bold, funny, and deeply personal works explore a mélange of characters as they skulk, slide, and scrape their way through life.


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Juan Pablo Zaramella

Zaramella’s diverse body of work includes technically adventurous films that use live action, drawings, clay, pixilation, paper puppets, human fingers, and all manner of other objects.

Deer Flower

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Kangmin Kim

This week’s subject is the L.A.-based Kangmin Kim, whose stop-motion films showcase striking design and innovative storytelling.

A Fly in the Restaurant

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Xi Chen

Xi Chen’s cut-out films take a slow dive into personal stories in order to tackle larger societal and cultural issues in China.

Hedge Rider

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Emily Pelstring

Pelstring’s animation is akin to watching early 1980s television on a broken down portable tv set while ingesting a small dose of mescaline.


Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Andreas Hykade

Hykade’s films combine a distinctive, minimalist design with often deeply personal stories about masculinity, religion, addiction, and love.

Intolerance by Phil Mulloy

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Phil Mulloy

Learn about British filmmaker Phil Mulloy whose bold, grotesque, and minimalist works explore the dark and savage side of human nature.

Nighthawk by Spela Cadez

Know Your Indie Filmmaker: Špela Čadež

Špela Čadež’s visually distinct works deal with tricky themes like addiction and domestic violence with compassion, humor, and no judgement.

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