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Bob Schneider VideoIt’s not often that a musician will animate his own music video, but Bob Schneider created this cut-out piece for his new song “Come With Me Tonight.” A little crude technically, but quite enjoyable. If you dig around his site, you’ll run across more music videos he’s done. (Link via Fous d’Anim)

> What the ‘Net was made for: classy websites devoted to obscure comic strip artists like Jimmy Swinnerton. His comic creation THE CANYON KIDDIES was the basis for the WB animated short THE MIGHTY HUNTERS directed by Chuck Jones, and his earlier strip LITTLE JIMMY was adapted into silent animated shorts produced by Hearst. This website offers examples of both strips and info about his career. Now if only folks would create websites like this devoted to the works of Golden Age animators.

> Following up on Mark Mayerson’s review of the short film RYAN, here’s a fine piece by Chris Robinson from a few years back that examines the life and career of NFB animator Ryan Larkin.

> Harvey Deneroff has a REPORT from the Italian animation festival Cartoons on the Bay, the only festival devoted to TV animation.