Best Animation Party…Ever! Best Animation Party…Ever!
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Best Animation Party…Ever!

Snow White Wrap Party

In 1938, after Disney’s first feature SNOW WHITE was a bona fide success, Walt held a huge crew party for his artists at a place called the Norconian Club. The party lasted for two straight days so this was hardly your typical ‘wrap party’ where everybody leaves after receiving their crew jackets. Nobody knows exactly what happened at the party, but the stories are legendary: Freddie Moore falling out of a window, another artist riding a horse through the different floors of the club, and some other boisterous celebrations that were not exactly Disney-style family entertainment . A couple days ago, Steve Hulett of the Animation Guild blog wrote an interesting post about the party HERE and Mike Barrier recently posted on his site the program book for the event (it was called “Walt’s Field Day”). If other folks have documentation or first-hand accounts of this event, start blogging about it. It’s unlikely there’ll be another wrap party to rival this one anytime soon.