Dear Mr. Iger, Dear Mr. Iger,

Oswaldbutton2.jpgNow that you’ve returned a creative producer – an animator, no less – to head Disney Feature Animation and Imagineering, and you’ve righted a 77-year-old wrong by returning Oswald The Lucky Rabbit to the studio, why stop there? There are a couple of other loose ends in Disney history you might consider tying up.First off, there is a little film you own the rights to called THE THIEF AND THE COBBLER. Ask Roy Disney about it. This feature film was taken away from its creator Richard Williams (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) by the Completion Bond Company and reworked into a mess called ARABIAN KNIGHT (released by Miramax in 1995). Restoring this film to Williams’ intended vision would be a great way to get the traditional animators back up to speed while Pixar’s story team begins developing new films to revive this now-neglected art form.Secondly, there is a wealth of material in the Disney vaults and archives, developed and produced under Walt’s watch, which never made their way to completion. DESTINO was one of those projects. The two in particular I’m thinking of are Mickey Mouse shorts: THE TALKING DOG and PLIGHT OF THE BUMBLE BEE. Both were shelved late in their respective production schedules, in the early-1950s. Both have existing dialogue and music tracks, storyboards and were 98% animated (by the likes of Freddy Moore!). Two new classic shorts – just sitting there, simply waiting for ink-and-paint!You’ve already suceeded in returning some magic to the Disney name. These requests are rather simple compared to the two coups you’ve recently pulled off. Just consider them food for thought.(Oswald button, above, was distributed to employees on the Burbank lot last Thursday.)

Jerry Beck

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