A quote from animation producer Larry Kasanoff, founder of Threshold Entertainment, explaining why he can produce CG films faster and cheaper than the major studios:

Animation is the only part of film production where quality is going up while costs are going down.

I was going to argue with his statement (made in this recent FAST COMPANY article) but then I saw these stills from Kasanoff’s first feature FOODFIGHT! that eloquently illustrate the surging upward quality in low-budget CG animation. Jobs and Katzenberg must surely be tossing and turning in their beds tonight.


There is little doubt in my mind that Kasanoff is on the fast track to animation success. The same FAST COMPANY article reveals that Kasanoff even borrowed a classic Orson Welles technique to come up with the idea for FOODFIGHT!: he put one of his colleagues in his car and said, “We’re going to drive around Santa Monica until we come up with an idea for a movie.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that’s how Welles conceived THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS. And I’m predicting FOODFIGHT! will be another instant classic, if not on a par with the AMBERSONS, then at least with HOODWINKED.
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