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Eddie Mort and Lili Chin REPORT on their blog that Macromedia is developing a new version of Flash geared towards animators and designers. Mike Downey of Macromedia emailed them this note: “I’m happy to tell you that we’re in the early stages of defining the next version of Flash, code-named ‘8ball’, and will be focusing the release on animators, multimedia designers, and digital artists… The next product release is being managed by an entirely new team of long-time Flash and graphics experts (unlike the last release) and we are all super-determined to return Flash to its roots and make it much better for designers and animators. We may not be able to do everything within the next release, but we definitely have Flash back on track for the future.” If you’re a Flash animator, feel free to contribute to the COMMENTS section of Eddie and Lili’s blog and tell Macromedia what features you’d like to see incorporated into the udpated Flash.