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Remember Beginner Books? The Random House series of books for kids initiated by Dr. Suess with THE CAT IN THE HAT and GREEN EGGS AND HAM?fredted.jpgThey continue on – and I’m happy to report animator Tony Eastman (under the pen name Peter Eastman) has picked up where his father (animation writer Phil Eastman – aka P.D. Eastman of “Go, Dog, Go!”) left off. Tony has just released FRED AND TED GO CAMPING.

This is my first children’s book. I am doing less animation work, which gave me time to do this book. As you must know, Fred and Ted are from my father’s book “Big Dog… Little Dog”. I did some additional illustrations for that book when it was reissued in a hard cover format. That led to me doing this book. I believe my father intended to do a series of books with these characters and was unable to see it through. I picked up where he left off… almost 35 years later.

Tony is one of New York’s best animators and cartoon directors, and is currently doing storyboards for various New York studios and animation for J.J. Sedelmaier.

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