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Cartoon Network, Lucasfilm, and ASIFA-Hollywood are teaming up March 18 – 19, 2005 to present ANIMATION A-GO-GO! TWO NIGHTS WITH GENNDY TARTAKOVSKY at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood. This two-night mini-tribute will feature everything from student films to sneak peeks at future projects, as well as a hearty helping of classic cartoons by some of Genndy’s animation heroes. Animation writer Jon M. Gibson will discuss these works with Genndy in an extended discussion each night.clonewars.jpgFriday, March 18 – 7:30 PM
Genndy Tartakovsky Tribute – Program #1
Encompassing many of his early, short works – including rarely seen, unreleased ditties from his days at Cal Arts, like “Changes,” the basis for “Dexter’s Laboratory” – this first night chronicles Tartakovsky’s evolution as a filmmaker. Then, samplings of the first season of “Star Wars: Clone Wars” – as well as the ground-breaking two-part “Samurai Jack” episode, “Birth of Evil” – will be washed down by a few of Tartakovsky’s favorite classic cartoons from legends like Tex Avery (shown in 35mm glory). A few surprises are promised – some never-before-aired.Saturday, March 19 – 5:00 PM
Genndy Tartakovsky Tribute – Program #2
The World Premiere of the entire second season of “Star Wars: Clone Wars,” which Tartakovsky will have completed mere days before its debut. Also interstitials he created for Cartoon Network based on vintage Hanna Barbara characters, as well as more inspirational offerings from the masters of animation. Genndy Tartakovsky will appear for an extended discussion after the program, moderated by animation writer Jon M. Gibson.Saturday, March 19 – 8:00PM
Genndy Tartakovsky Tribute – Program #3
CONAN THE BARBARIAN, 1982, Universal, 129 min. John Milius’ epic was a huge inspiration on Genndy’s career, especially in the more recent “Samurai Jack” years. He cites the first 20 minutes of the Schwarzenegger-starrer as “flawless filmmaking”. The feature will be followed by hand-picked “Samurai Jack” episodes that Tartakovsky feels were influenced most heavily by sword & socerey epic.