Loonatics: A lesson in mediocrity Loonatics: A lesson in mediocrity
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Loonatics: A lesson in mediocrity

How pathetic are the execs at Warner Bros. Animation? They’ve junked the original LOONATICS designs and made new ones because an 11-year-old started a petition saying he didn’t like the characters. A thought comes to mind:

a.) If you truly believe in the quality and value of your product, you don’t change it every time somebody in the public raises an objection (the creative process in animation should not be a collaborative effort between studios and the entire American population), and,b.) if your product is so bad that an 11-year-old’s advice makes it better, then you should get out of the fucking animation business.

This story will not go away simply because the dopes who run Warner Bros. are insistent in publicly exposing their utter ignorance about the animation process every step of the way. Thank you Warners for this very valuable lesson in all that is wrong with the animation industry today.