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Meet Chris Harding

Meet my new favorite animation artist of the moment: Chris Harding. I’d never heard of him until yesterday when I ran across his name on the Persistence of Vision blog. The clips from Chris’s short film MAKE MINE SHOEBOX made me laugh so hard I nearly pissed my pants…which is the highest praise I can offer a cartoonist short of actually wetting myself. Hard to believe that SHOEBOX was a corporate film produced for Hallmark Cards. The animation is inventive, the voice-over narration hilarious and his sense of humor ingeniously skewed. Not to mention Harding has the “Fifties look” down pat. Clips from his other films – LEARN SELF DEFENSE and HE’S A GOOD MONKEY – are equally worthy of praise. This guy is a natural cartooning talent and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Check him out at

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