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More Cartoon Murals

Cartoon Brew reader Marc Crisafulli responded to my recent post about cartoon murals with an additional mural (see above) that he saw offered for auction at eBay. This one included cartoon work by Milt Gross, Percy Crosby, George McManus, and others, along with some pin-up art. Sadly for us, it was created for a popular speakeasy, so it’s a few decades too late to see it in its original location.

On the other hand, New York’s the Palm Restaurant, which I need to get to someday, is alive and thriving–and its walls feature work by everyone from Billy De Beck to Carmine Infantino. (The Palm’s other branches have walls festooned with cartoons, too, although at the Boston location, at least, some beloved characters are seriously off-model.) Here’s the Palm’s page on its wall art, with a short article by R.C. Harvey.