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> ASIFA MAGAZINE is relaunching this summer as the CARTOON JOURNAL. Chris Robinson will remain the magazine’s editor, but instead of being published independently by the ASIFA organization, it will now be published and distributed by John Libbey Publishing. The magazine will be expanding in both size and scope, and color pages are also being added. Robinson says, “We’ll be doing a mix of academic, historical, technology and feature pieces on all facets of animation.” With Chris’s strong editorial vision and Libbey’s involvement, I think this magazine should be well worth picking up, which is something I haven’t been able to say about a print animation magazine in a long time. More details to come.

> STASH magazine is a new monthly collection of animation, vfx and motion graphics released on dvd. It’s not cheap ($228 for a one-year subscription or $35 for individual dvds), but there’s a lot of interesting short films and commercials included in each edition. Previews and content listings for the first five issues are posted on-line. I suspect a lot of creatively-deficient animation producers will be subscribing to this and using it as a cribsheet to studios and styles that are currently hot.