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al brodaxanimatedI went to the Samuel French Bookshop today – still the best book store in L.A. for the latest books on Cinema, TV and animation – and found three new books on animation. I bought only one of them, and I haven’t read that one yet – but here’s what I found:
Goodness Gracious- Al Broadax wrote a book! UP PERISCOPE YELLOW: THE MAKING OF YELLOW SUBMARINE (Limelight Editions) might be interesting – but it didn’t look so good when I flipped through it. In fact, it looked mighty disappointing compared with Robert Hieronimus’ INSIDE THE YELLOW SUBMARINE (2002, Krause Publications). And not one mention of Snuffy Smith or Beetle Bailey! I welcome readers reviews to set me straight.nickelodeonAnother loser, was ANIMATED FILMS (Virgin Books) by James Clarke. This was a random collection of essays on various “significant” animated features – with an emphasis on anime. Ho-hum!The one I purchased was NICKELODEON NATION (New York University Press) edited by Heather Hendershot, a collection of interesting essays by the likes of Linda Simensky, Mark Langer and Kevin Sandler on various aspects of the pioneering kids channel. Looks substantial and I look forward to actually reading it.