Notes from Iceland Notes from Iceland

Saturday, July 24, 2004

After hastily scribbling an alibi I hook up with Mark and Cole to grab some brunch. We take the clown car to Café Paris for delicious waffles served by yet another blond goddess.

After our meal Mark and I are summoned to the studio to meet with Magnus. Weekends are meaningless in LazyTown; whenever we can get an audience with the boss we drop what we’re doing and grab our notepads (or in my case my iTalk). An hour later we’re at the studio for a crazy gabfest that lasts until late afternoon. Then it’s back to my apartment where a jazz band is playing to a crowd in the plaza beneath my balcony. I crack open a cold Viking and enjoy the sights and sounds. Y’know, I could get used to this.

I head over to a local dive to grab a bite and a beer while working on the notes from today’s meeting. At some point I call it a night and hit
the sack. Tomorrow’s a big day. I have a massage scheduled!

Goodnight and all that jazz,
Ken Pontac,


Jerry Beck