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Notes from the Cartoon Blogosphere

> Eddiemuerte (a.k.a. MUCHA LUCHA’s Eddie Mort) has finished a new music album LO-FI IN LOS FELIZ and you can download all fifteen tracks for free HERE. The songs are short, tightly constructed electronic compositions (synthesizers, samplers and grooveboxes) inspired by varied strands of pop culture like Coney Island, Chupacabras and Jack Cole’s Plastic Man. Plus there’s a cool CD cover by Lili Chin.

> Pixar story artist Ronnie del Carmen writes extensively about his recent trip to Japan, including a visit to the Ghibli Museum and his meeting with Japanese illustration great Tadahiro Uesugi.

> Animation director/designer Ward Jenkins not only dissects the visual deficiencies in THE POLAR EXPRESS, but actually goes so far as to fix the expressions on the characters via Photoshop. Check out his excellent thought-provoking post on the Ward-O-Matic. On a sidenote, a number of people have actually recommended that I check out the film on an IMAX 3D screen. Apparently, the film becomes slightly more watchable with 3D glasses. For example, Mark Bunker, who has seen the film in both flat and IMAX versions, writes, “I’m a sucker for 3D. The snow falling in the audience, the amazing vistas, the details of the dirt under the fingernails on the hobo or the icy sludge built up under the engine as it careens to a stop out into the audience. None of this forgives the story weaknesses but it does add up to a worthwhile experience in the theater. One which was greeted by a round of applause both times I saw the film.”

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