Sleep…Finally Sleep…Finally

Friday, July 16, 2004
Jumping Jesus on a smoldering birch bark canoe, these slave-driving Vikings have got me working harder than I ever have in my life! There are multiple meetings with the mercurial Magnus today, and he’s such a fast thinker and talker that I’d have to be a stenographer to write down everything he wants to see in the script. As it is, I’m too busy taking pictures of him jumping around as he describes the action of the characters to take any notes. Thank God Susan got me an iTalk attachment when she bought me my iPod. With the iTalk I digitize the notes, listen to them with headphones, and insert them all in a revised script.

I turn in my revision and am allowed to collapse, every calorie of energy sucked from my body. I catch a few quick winks then take off to join some friends for dinner. David Latham is an astrophysicist who’s here to attend a Mad Scientist Convention discussing the possibility of life on other planets, and his equally bigbrained wife Ginny is a doctor who I hope can answer a question that’s been nagging me since the first time I closed my eyes in Iceland:

Mystery solved! The cure for my condition: GET SOME DAMN SLEEP!
Goodnight to all (doctor’s orders!) – Ken Pontac, Iceland


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