That’s Entertainment! That’s Entertainment!
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That’s Entertainment!


Most people who appreciate animation also enjoy the ancient art of hand lettering and vintage advertising graphics. Thus, I bring your attention to the website of Charles Bruss and his obsession with Wisconsin Drive In Theatres. In particular I point out his page devoted to old newspaper ads advertising Drive-In movie attractions. It’s great to see Baby Huey, Katnip and Donald Duck used as illustrations in the 1950s clippings – one ad actually mentions a cartoon by name, “Chew Chew Baby” (1958), a particularly notorious Paramount Noveltoon.This ad pictured above, from 1944, boasts six shorts (instead of a second feature, I guess) including The Three Stooges, a Pete Smith specialty, a L’il Abner and Screwball Squirrel! Now, that’s entertainment!