The Animation Documentary Of the Year The Animation Documentary Of the Year
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The Animation Documentary Of the Year

DREAM ON SILLY DREAMER sounds awesome! I want to see this film!! And it sounds like it would make a perfect double feature with THE SWEATBOX, the film by Sting’s wife (does she even have a name?) documenting the hilariously inept production of THE EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE. Florida animator Hugo Giraud first clued me in to DREAM ON:

Former Disney animators Tony West and Dan Lund have made a documentary about the downfall of traditional animation at Disney and the layoffs/closings of mainly the Burbank and Orlando studios. It contains some animation (I pitched in a bit) and has a couple of the big guns like Andreas Deja interviewed (as seen in the TRAILER). The film has been locked after post and it’s now seeking festival venues and distribution.

West and Lund obviously have an appreciation for the Disney animation tradition that the management at the studio currently does not have, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they have to say in this film. The original animation created for the doc also looks like a lot of fun, and it seems like they’ve put a lot of love and care into this film (check out their “WestLund” homage logo at the beginning of the trailer).