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Attention – animation scholars, researchers, writers, students, and fans:Check out the revised Finder’s Guide for the John Canemaker Animation Collection, a valuable resource of historical material on animators and animation. The John Canemaker Animation Collection was founded in 1988 by animator and animation historian John Canemaker. It is housed in the Fales Library and Special Collections at the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library on the campus of New York University (70 Washington Square South in New York City).The large and unique collection includes audio tapes, audiovisual materials, rare books, drawings, flip books, monographs, periodicals, posters, press releases, and transcripts of Canemaker’s personal interviews with a multitude of animators (everyone from J.R. Bray to John Lasseter).

“Every time I complete a book or an article for the New York Times, I donate the research materials to my collection at Fales so other scholars and historians can use it for their projects,” Canemaker said. “For example, the new updated guide reflects materials I have donated over the last three years, including research data and interviews for my books on Mary Blair and Disney’s Nine Old Men and extensive files on the life and careers of Vladimir Tytla, Richard Williams, the Hubley’s and Chuck Jones, among others.”

The John Canemaker Animation Collection is available to scholars and students alike. To make an appointment:
Phone: (212) 998-2596
Fax: (212) 995-3835
Email: [email protected]