Laura Park Laura Park
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Artist of the Day: Laura Park

Laura Park

Laura Park is a cartoonist in Chicago who illustrates work with ink and color washes, and keeps detailed and personal sketchbooks. Her website is

Laura Park Laura Park

Laura shares many pages of her sketchbook drawings and personal diary-style comics on her Flickr account. The work is as humorously self-deprecating as it is accomplished. Other pages that aren’t focused on the artist herself are just as keenly observed and rendered.

Laura Park Laura Park

Laura also consorts with the Trubble Club, a group of Chicago-area cartoonists who get together regularly to produce absurd, funny and filthy jam comics. The Trubble Club recently created The Infinite Corpse (an online take on the Surrealist exquisite corpse game) in which cartoonists contribute three panels at a time to further the adventures of character called Corpsey. Laura’s contribution to that is here, among many others by notable cartoonists and animators alike.

Laura Park Laura Park Laura Park

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