Ella’s World is a new cartoon show developed by Bill Wray from initial concept and characters by Jose Cubero. With an enormous brain and a diminutive body little Ella has trouble relating to children her own age who physically dominate her, but intellectually dwarf her. Bored to tears with the rigid format of her strict schooling, Ella spends lots of time alone entertaining herself with her vivid imagination.

She spends most days at her Grandmother’s eccentrically built old house on the edge of town. Up in the labyrinth of an attic is a seemingly endless panorama of a miniature idiosyncratic world that her grandfather and father built over two generations. Ella never tires of running the ornate toy trains through the tunnels in its molded mountains, climbing high above the tableau to see all the fantastical hanging airships, and delighting in opening the doors on the asymmetrical buildings imagining what new playful character might be on the inside.

Created by Bill Wray and Jose Cubero
Written and supervising Director: Bill Wray
Animation and Art Direction: Jose Cubero
Music and Sound Design: Shawn Patterson and Adolfo Hernández
Voices by: Wendee Lee

Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi is Cartoon Brew's Publisher and Editor-at-large.

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